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Wine Classes

The WINE MINX™ teaches private classes on understanding and enjoying wine. 

Bored with boring cocktail parties? Contact the Minx to plan a fun and educational alternative!

Also available for corporate events. 

Ms. Edgerton will work with you to custom tailor a tasting class depending on the number of guests and the number of wines you'd like to try.  It is possible to focus the class, for example: Rosés for Summer, Unusual Varieties, Chardonnay Around the Globe... or simply have an overview of basic styles, flavor components, and determining your wine preference.

A private class works best in smaller groups of 6-12, but it is possible to create a class for larger events.  The Minx will lead your group through tasting a number of wines hand-selected to showcase wine style, grape variety, and/or region.

In addition to numerous events in private homes, Ms. Edgerton has curated and led a wine dinner at the famous Greenwich Village restaurant The Lion, been won in a raffle for Art House Astoria and helped discerning singles flirt knowledgeably over vino for three The Grace List events.

In addition, if you are in the New York City area, the Minx periodically hosts wine tasting classes herself; please write her here for more information.


"We had the best time last night!!!! You are so amazing and so entertaining and SO informative. You have forever changed my future experience with wine. Forever!" - KB

"I've always loved wine, but your classes have given me the tools to articulate exactly what I like about them." - BC

"Annie, you amaze me. This wine tasting was very informative and enjoyable! I'm truly impressed." - JM

"Now I can actually ask for the qualities I like in a wine when I'm in a store and discover a fantastic wine I'll love every time." - SL

"I really enjoyed the class and appreciated how open-minded you were in incorporating those less experienced in identifying the complex characteristics that made up the varied presentation of wines." - CD

"I found myself liking more varieties of wine because you encouraged me to look at the components rather than the wine as a category type, and it opened up my options!" - KF

"There was a very good balance between drinking and information." - KA

"The information was very helpful - before, I didn't know anything about wine other than that I like it! You are obviously an expert with very practical and helpful tips.  It was an excellent experience." - EK

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